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back to the work

August 29, 2008

back to the work in Holyoke, MA with Jason and Christian.  feels good to be embodying more of the practice again.  it had started to live in my head and we attempted some video exchange (more on that another time) which turned into a solo practice for me – but it really truely lives in the body for me and in the energetic exchange that happens with real bodies in the space both watching and doing.  this session I was fascinated with observing when it “begins,” where am I?  In some sort of feeling state that asks for a presence in the now and a sensation based starting point that allows room to take in that moment and the environment and energy in the room.  also intrigued by an observation of christians after watching me, this notion that “nothing is wasted”.  what is happening when through negotiating both the environment and the moment, a heightened presence allows us to find that continuity where every action “counts”. this feels like an interesting way to stay present but somehow also simultaneously requires being present.  nothing profound but as my body enters back into this work I feel as though I am observing a creature negotiating a familiar environment where things have shifted slightly but none of this is exactly new either.  it is that moment of getting in and then the system or secret for staying in that seems highlighted in this process of RE-connecting or RE-discovering this process and investigation.  and mostly it just kicks ass to be back working in this way with these guys finding this set of questions as they reside and shift about in our moving bodies.