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scale and seeing

September 30, 2008

Images from august practice sessions in Holyoke, Ma. 

Seeing our movements within such an open setting was in itself a practice of concentration. Not due to content but due to the eyes willingness to follow anything in its path, or unwillingness to want to fix on a human within an inhuman scale of place. Perhaps this notion of scale is something to consider for further investigation. What is human scale? What is inhuman scale? How is scale in and of itself playing itself out within these sessions or within any dance creations/presentations. Can scale be danced? How do we direct the outside eye into varying degrees of scale within the body – another landscape. 

To both dance and watch dance with an outdoor environment can feel like pushups for the eye, but when the muscles begin to respond, there is an ever wider view to appreciate. 

I appreciate my partners dancing in this particular endeavor.


ambient intimacy

September 14, 2008

As I begin work on our new piece, “ambient intimacy”, I am thinking about the space between us, near, far, physical, emotional, psychological… the distance we can see between our bodies… the distance we can’t see but can feel from those far off.  the closeness we can feel to someone whose physical presence is not visible but felt.  the real intimacy and the imagined intimacy that these close and far distances BOTH allow for.  Imagining this space as tangible and full.  How does that change, inform, redefine my own bodies edges, my emotional boundaries, and my physical sensations?  While these questions are examined in a much broader context for this new work, it somehow carries me back to what is a central question and exploration that keeps popping up with these daily practices.  the boundaries and edges between us as doers and watchers and the impact, both real and imagined, that we each have on one-another in both of these roles…  there is something key, keen about that space between us that is felt and permeates our own edges to blur what is you and what is me.  it is a connectedness that is both engaging and essential while also probable cause of the fear and walls that keep such a strong desire to maintain our “mask” and to keep a delineation between ourselves and others so clear.  how much are these “distinctions” necessary in order to have a real dialogue and how much must they dissolve?  what is the balance between the thickness and mobility of the space between us and the potency of our own edges…?

DP 8-28-08, Holyoke MA

September 3, 2008

again, many of the same questions are always emerging within this practice.

how do we act with our alloted time, what do we do with it. when does giving, as an impulse to create through emerge. what are the motives to create through – for us, for them…

this is a list from my notes taken during our second day of DP. 


asking permission

feeling watching

arrivng into deep state immediately

when we stay with one idea throughout

is this the right answer?

moment of entering in, ‘sensation takes me in’ – lindsey

looking for the feedback state

its not the ‘what’ that matters but the ‘quality of the what’

doesnt matter what you do, the action of the what is what reads

will committing fully in the moment yield the ‘right’ choice


reflecting after a deep session

reflecting after a deep session

3 Days of Daily Practice in Holyoke

September 1, 2008


Daily Practice

Photo of Christian by Lindsey.

It was a re-connection of sorts with a new friend and a practiced idea.  Guided by Christian we went to three very different parks over three days in and around Holyoke, MA.  It was thrilling to jump back into the Daily Practice structure with Lindsey and Christian.  Although it felt mostly awkward and discombobulating for all but one of the 9, 3 minute explorations I was happy to live in that awkwardness listening to my editing voice, and my patterned voice.  And like my three minute explorations, I also found the watching difficult as well.  My mind wandering while I tried to gain the focus and thought to be in the moment as a viewer and provide that important watching feedback to the performer/explorer/improvisor/dancer who was in the middle of their 3 minute practice.  A couple thoughts were brought to the surface during these three days.  Some dealing with how I felt about my 3 minute moments, mainly trying to understand when my ‘thinking’ mind is guiding me, when my body is guiding me and when they are working closely together.  Sometimes it is the little comments that spawn a host of other thoughts or epiphany’s.  I struggled to get ‘out of my head,’  and allow the rest of my body to have more of a voice in the choices I made.  And although a relatively simple and known idea I was most satisfied physically when I acknowledged to myself that the intellectual thinking brain is still very much a part of my body and not some separate entity from the rest of my body.  Instead of fighting to turn one off and another on I just allowed them both to be on and communicate with one another.  It might sound hippie/dippy but it started to work for me.  I felt a dialogue emerge physically and mentally.  Another performative decision I made was to use some of the mediation structures that I have learned and applied them to what I was doing.  One of the meditation ‘helpers’ that I used is to acknowledge thoughts if they enter my mind while meditating.  I should put a disclaimer first that I am by far a regular meditator!  When I do meditate as soon as I realize my mind wandering I would say to myself, ‘thought.’  It is a very successful way to acknowledge what the mind is doing and it usually makes the thought disappear and clears/focuses the mind.  I applied this during the 3 minute practices but rather then acknowledge thoughts, I was acknowledging craft, choices that I was making that have been learned.  When I noticed what I was doing I just said ‘craft’ and immediately my choice became apparent to me and I broke from it.