Where dp meets performance work


Performing in Tami Stronach’s “But it’s for you… ” at Danspace Project this weekend I am begining to really see/feel the impact of daily practice in a performance setting. Although the concepts we explore in daily practice come from our experiences performing, this is the first time I have really felt them effect my approach to and experience performing. It is a most exhilerating experience to have pulled particular questions from performance and explored them outside of a formal performance setting and now feeling the deepening of performance because of it. All of the work to find something genuine in front of “eyes”, even in it’s exploratory or unknowing stage, played a large part in my entrance into and journey through last nights performance. As I have been negotiating the relationship between improvisation and set material for some time now, I discovered a clarity in their relationship through these notions of feeling my way through something, as we have been examining in the daily practice. The notion of negotiating my way through set material rather than “dancing the steps” is not a new developement for me but can be well articulated through the seeking of that physical place where one is fully present in a moment and not “performing” but rather dialoging with a watcher with an honesty and awareness that comes from an internal sincerety and an external acknowledgement of ones environment which includes an “audience”. The obstacles are slightly different, in daily practice we are improvising and the uncertainty comes, in part, from a place of “what to do”. But the same kind of detachment from a genuine place can come from the opposite – of “knowing” what you will do.


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