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Place and Space

May 12, 2010

I had access today and yesterday. RS2-J3.  Felt like shit yesterday so I spent my time in the space improvising to Vitiello’s music streaming off the web.  No daily practice but I did record a small improvisation.  I was just happy that I made it given how I felt.  Looks like I have the space from Wednesday to Friday and today was a better day.  I did do a sequence of three daily practice structures and I recorded the rehearsal so an outside eye is watching and I’m aware of it.  I set up the Daily Practice space in the field of view of the camera so it should have 3 minute moments of me just sitting in the chair looking at the studio.  I felt brittle and thin today, a product of the cooling weather and lack of humidity.  Since arriving in Sydney the humidity has been present most days and even in the coolish morning the temperature would rise to mid 20’s Celsius with humidity by midday.  I tried something different today structurally with the Daily Practice.  I watched the first 3 minutes and then I did the second.  Why start with doing? I find the watching is almost more potent to what I am exploring anyway.  Fidgeting and mind wandering best describes how I felt during the watching and the doing of the practice today.  Questions related to, ‘am I on’ were distant from my mind.  I’m still feeling out my body after not moving seriously for 7 or 8 months.

I did begin to question my thoughts about rehearsing alone and how that leads to madness or self-imposed torture.  Slightly dramatic thoughts I know!  I have been spending time in rehearsal spaces for the better part of 25 years.  I find it hard to work alone in a space and prefer having others to work with, but today I softened my stance on rehearsing alone.  In an odd way there is something comforting about being in a rehearsal space, even doing the Daily Practice alone brings with it a sense of familiarity and a sense of purpose.  I sometimes felt this was just me being in a situation that I knew and was familiar with but now I wonder if there is not something more to it?  An ephemeral combination of lived experience over the years that I bring to each rehearsal, each moment in the space.  A structure and place whose boundaries I understand explicitly.


Rehearsal Space 2 – Jason 1

May 11, 2010

Well, of the three mornings I have shown up to the Dept of Education’s rehearsal space only last Friday have I had access to actually engage in a rehearsal process.  The first day the door was locked, which could be a result of me being 15 minutes late and today (Tuesday) I arrived early to find the room full of people preparing for a class.  Apparently this class wasn’t on the schedule I was given to decide when to rehearse in the space.  Not so much a complaint and more just a statement of the process so far. RS 2 – J 1.  The result of this schedule mixup will probably mean I won’t be rehearsing in the space on Tuesdays which makes my four day practice become a 3 day practice.  However, maybe I should mix up my sense of place and do the practice outside?  Sydney is beautiful and the weather is beyond what I could have expected.  I am here from Fall through Spring and it is late fall.

Since there was a mix up I thought it might be good in this post to describe the process I was going to start today and continue through the week.  I was planning to continue the mad solo version of the daily practice with watching and doing alone.  But I decided to try adding an outside eye – the video camera.  I received a Flip UltraHD in the mail yesterday from a friend and the thing is easy to use. It records video and makes it easy to post online for viewing.  So for this week I will set it up as an outside eye recording the hour of practice.   More tomorrow – hopefully in the space.

Peirce Quote

May 8, 2010

Thought is what it is only by virtue of its addressing a future thought which is in its value as thought identical with it, though more developed.  In this way, the existence of thought now depends on what is to be hereafter; so that it has only a potential existence, dependent on the future thought of the community.

No present actual thought (which is [in itself] a mere feeling) has any meaning, any intellectual value; for this lies not in what is actually thought, but in what this thought may be connected with in representation by subsequent thoughts, so that the meaning of a thought is altogether something virtual.

Accordingly, just as we say that a body is in motion, and not that motion is in a body, we ought to say that we are in thought, and not that thoughts are in us.

— Charles Peirce, Writings 2: 241,227,227n

Disconnected – Daily Practice

May 7, 2010

Back in the studio at a university again (University of Sydney) but this time as student and not teacher.  I have space from 8-9am, tues-fri in the dept. of education’s dance studio.  It is one of those dance studios that just feels like a place where work is not made.  A ‘teaching about dance’ dance studio disconnected from the professional world.  Anyway, I am starting a daily practice or some sort of form during my hour there 4 days a week.  The original collaborators are not here so I’m going to see if I can find some new folks to engage in this process.  Currently I am reluctantly and nostalgically thinking of those past sessions and the creative/inspirational fusion of what the three of us did.

Today I did a sort of mad solo recreation of the daily practice structure.  I focused on watching and doing.  I used the familiar dog bark from the timer on my iPod Touch – the same app from Lindsey’s iPhone in AA.  I set out to do a series of watching and doing repetitions starting with a 3 minute doing and then a 3 minute watching of the empty space.  I approached it as if somebody was doing the practice with me but I didn’t imagine or try to imagine some imaginary dancer/improvisor (I’m not that mad!).  I looked at the room with the same kind of experiential focus and waited for the bark from the timer, I then reset the timer and went into the space and did another 3 minute doing.  No speaking (well I WAS alone – not like that has stopped me in the past!) and when the 3 sequences of watching, doing, watching, doing, watching, doing were over I wrote some notes and left the space.  Notes I have elaborated on here.

In an odd way I did find the same focus as I did with Lindsey and Christian or maybe it is better to characterize it as a moment when the physical and mental fidgeting stopped.  This happened after the second repetition.  I was always aware/conscious it was just me recreating something that was never meant for one person.  I wonder if that thought will disappear?

Some thoughts …. I have the space for 4 weeks.  Let’s see how it progresses.