Disconnected – Daily Practice


Back in the studio at a university again (University of Sydney) but this time as student and not teacher.  I have space from 8-9am, tues-fri in the dept. of education’s dance studio.  It is one of those dance studios that just feels like a place where work is not made.  A ‘teaching about dance’ dance studio disconnected from the professional world.  Anyway, I am starting a daily practice or some sort of form during my hour there 4 days a week.  The original collaborators are not here so I’m going to see if I can find some new folks to engage in this process.  Currently I am reluctantly and nostalgically thinking of those past sessions and the creative/inspirational fusion of what the three of us did.

Today I did a sort of mad solo recreation of the daily practice structure.  I focused on watching and doing.  I used the familiar dog bark from the timer on my iPod Touch – the same app from Lindsey’s iPhone in AA.  I set out to do a series of watching and doing repetitions starting with a 3 minute doing and then a 3 minute watching of the empty space.  I approached it as if somebody was doing the practice with me but I didn’t imagine or try to imagine some imaginary dancer/improvisor (I’m not that mad!).  I looked at the room with the same kind of experiential focus and waited for the bark from the timer, I then reset the timer and went into the space and did another 3 minute doing.  No speaking (well I WAS alone – not like that has stopped me in the past!) and when the 3 sequences of watching, doing, watching, doing, watching, doing were over I wrote some notes and left the space.  Notes I have elaborated on here.

In an odd way I did find the same focus as I did with Lindsey and Christian or maybe it is better to characterize it as a moment when the physical and mental fidgeting stopped.  This happened after the second repetition.  I was always aware/conscious it was just me recreating something that was never meant for one person.  I wonder if that thought will disappear?

Some thoughts …. I have the space for 4 weeks.  Let’s see how it progresses.


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