Rehearsal Space 2 – Jason 1


Well, of the three mornings I have shown up to the Dept of Education’s rehearsal space only last Friday have I had access to actually engage in a rehearsal process.  The first day the door was locked, which could be a result of me being 15 minutes late and today (Tuesday) I arrived early to find the room full of people preparing for a class.  Apparently this class wasn’t on the schedule I was given to decide when to rehearse in the space.  Not so much a complaint and more just a statement of the process so far. RS 2 – J 1.  The result of this schedule mixup will probably mean I won’t be rehearsing in the space on Tuesdays which makes my four day practice become a 3 day practice.  However, maybe I should mix up my sense of place and do the practice outside?  Sydney is beautiful and the weather is beyond what I could have expected.  I am here from Fall through Spring and it is late fall.

Since there was a mix up I thought it might be good in this post to describe the process I was going to start today and continue through the week.  I was planning to continue the mad solo version of the daily practice with watching and doing alone.  But I decided to try adding an outside eye – the video camera.  I received a Flip UltraHD in the mail yesterday from a friend and the thing is easy to use. It records video and makes it easy to post online for viewing.  So for this week I will set it up as an outside eye recording the hour of practice.   More tomorrow – hopefully in the space.


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