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Breaking Structure

October 21, 2013

When we started this blog the idea of daily practice was so specific. We meet in the studio, with a defined improvisational structure of 3 minutes of doing; taking turns so that we also experienced 3 minutes of watching. We asked ourselves questions about if we were “on” and what that meant. Years later, while this improvisational structure still comes in and out of my dance practice and my creative process – I look at the title “daily practice” and I think about the questions of being “on”, of “doing” and “watching” and I realize I am still deeply interested in these topics, but i no longer want to compartmentalize my experience with them to a rigidly structured and controlled environment. The idea of practice (or what we traditionally call practice in our field) no longer feels adequate in a discussion about daily practice, being on, watching and doing, and the body as an instrument for making art and performance. I find practice is no longer always such a formal and familiar setup – in a dance studio, “dancing” – but rather a daily practice of tuning into ones body and being present, in varying scenarios and activities. It feels critical to let the ideas of daily practice permeate more aspects of my life. As I age I feel that my work as an artist and dancer is not confined to my work in the studio and on the stage. That everything that happens to me, or that I do, resides in my body and becomes a part of my art and my work. That my former idea of practice or what it means to be “on” has been only superficially researched by framing it in such a rigid and controlled environment. So I am going to engage with the ideas set forth in this blog, but break out of the structures that have been put in place. I am not entirely sure what it will look like but I am curious and will try to share my questions and discoveries here.